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Need help with reformulation or NPD?

Find relevant information in the Knowledge Hub or ask a trusted expert for help in confidence.


How it works





There are currently two types of mentored services to help you.


eXpert Network for a fast connection and eXpert Advantage for more complex projects.


Mentoring, connections and confidentiality are managed by our trusted Topic Leaders


Topic Leader



The Topic Leader is an expert who manages the problem solving activities and acts as a mentor. 


The Topic Leader ensures timely and trusted engagement within the site by managing the contribution of experts and reviews references and expertise. They maintain a high standard of technical input and expertise.


To manage confidentiality and commercially sensitive information the Topic Leader receives and manages all questions to experts and only makes introductions if both parties agree.


In time, it is expected that the role of Topic Leader will be shared between community members. FIAL has engaged the services of FAPIC to undertake Topic Leaderships during the pilot. 


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